Stonehenge is one of the largest and most famous megalithic monuments in Europe. This prehistoric complex of stone circles is found in southern England near the town of Salisbury. The entire complex consists of two stone circles surrounded by a shaft and a moat. In its center there is a stone altar.


Scientists recognize that the building is related to the cult of the Sun and the Moon. The object was probably a calendar for the seasons. Some say that it was also a kind of astronomical observatory. Research shows that the stones in Stonehenge come from the Neolithic and Bronze Age. 30 boulders are arranged in a circle with a diameter of 40 meters.


The facts confirm that the local population considered Stonehenge a sacred place. There were sick people who believed that they would be cured by the deities who live in its vicinity.


Recent discoveries show that Stonehenge has not revealed all his secrets yet.


Did you know that until 1918 Stonehenge was a private property? The entire complex belonged to the Antrobus family at that time.


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