Economic strategy? These are games designed for people who do not require fast action and who put on long-term fun. They cover broadly understood development and progress, which may refer to the construction of a pizzeria, hospital (in this case, popularly called tycoon), the city or even the entire island.

Business management games

We played everyone – simulators of hospital management, amusement park or zoo. Today, the genre of economic business games has been somewhat forgotten, but there are still quite interesting productions belonging to it.

Business tycoon games

I think every one of us has dreamed of becoming the owner of a large enterprise for once. A tycoon who discovers a fantastic business idea and becomes recognizable around the world, multiplying his wealth. Fulfilling these dreams in a virtual form has always offered economic, strategic games, commonly referred to as tycoons.

Business simulation games

It is very interesting to know that Tycoon video games are derived from simulation science games created for the needs of economic research at universities. The oldest known game, used in more than 55 universities and 160 companies around the world, is Intopia, which was created in 1963. Since then, it has been transferred to a lot of hardware platforms. The game is based on team management of the economy, in a world divided into four rival nations. Intopia is used for scientific purposes to this day, in an improved version, which appeared in 1995.

Currently, there are a lot of games from the genre on the market, but clearly not as many as in the 90s. Continuing the topic of contemporary Tycoon games, you can not ignore the fact that it is currently experiencing a small renaissance on mobile devices.

Economic simulation games

Games, especially economic games, teach logical thinking and how to predict the effects of their actions in the long run. Thanks to them, we can learn the basic laws governing the world and then be able to find a better place in it.

It is not the reward that gives us the greatest satisfaction. This appreciation of the path to the goal gives happiness, joy and fulfillment. To earn it, we do not have to work hard. It’s enough to work wisely We can buy, store and sell more, learn how to negotiate, ask for bonuses, buy in sets and apply for a discount.