"Monopoly game
for a real world!"

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Landlord Real Estate Tycoon – the real-world venues investment tycoon game! Turn the world around you into a gigantic board game with Landlord Real Estate Tycoon, an award-winning mobile game. Think of Landlord as of Monopoly for real world – find the best venues around you, buy them and earn money every time someone visits your property. Join the game with millions of landlords online, compete with your friends and trade the most famous landmarks from all over the world to build your empire to become the richest real estate tycoon!


what makes Landlord a unique property game

  • 50,000,000 VENUES

    Buy anything – from your local grocery store to the most famous landmarks


    Being one of the best tycoon games, Landlord ranks in TOP5 most popular mobile board games


    Landlord’s players can be found in almost every country in the world

  • 4,6 RATING

    Players satisfaction shows in the reviews! A dedicated team works every day to deliver the best possible experience

  • 50,000 $

    Get 50,000 in-game dollars at the start and put them into your real estate business


    Our team is constantly growing – new people bring in new ideas, skills and opportunities


Landlord Real Estate Tycoon is a completely new type of property management game. Think of it as a fresh twist on popular property tycoons like Monopoly or The Landlord’s Game. In both of those cases, the main point is to race against other players in order to buy famous venues. However in Landlord, there’s no board – instead, you’ll be traveling the real world looking for the most expensive properties.


Unlike typical investment property app, Landlord allows you to experiment and learn how to become a real estate tycoon with absolutely no risk involved! Landlord is free online tycoon game where you can enjoy the fun of investing with your friends and family. Assume the role of a landlord of venues in your neighborhood, climb up to the top of your national leaderboard and become the most powerful tycoon on the globe!


  • Contrary to the popular opinion location based GPS games are not using IP geolocation (mostly because IP geolocation is pretty unreliable). All of the most important data in location games are collected using GPS geolocation.

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