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Phone games

Just less than a few years ago the quality of cell games wasn’t very good. The number of games to play on the phone was limited and the market of free phone games wasn’t established yet. Most of them had to be paid for and the term of free phones games was relatively unknown and stood mostly for preinstalled masterpieces like “snake” or “solitaire”. Luckily the reality of cell phone games changed during the last few years and we can finally say, that there are indeed good phone games that have a splendid design and extraordinary playability.

New cell games

It is important to remember, that online cell phone games weren’t created as a competition for console or pc gaming, quite the contrary – they were created to fill a gap between classic gaming and everyday life, because they’re accompanying the player during the day, killing time on a bus, at a boring family meeting or even at work or school!

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Free games to play on phone

Summarising, there is a vast number of games to play on your phone and the market of free online cell phone games is rapidly growing. A very good example of this evolution is Landlord – the real estate game – that conquered the community of business games. It’s concept is based on investing games and obviously on the real estate business, but there is one exceptional thing to be remembered – it’s also a big data game. There is a overwhelming number of phone game categories, especially when it comes to free cell phone games that don’t have to be paid for upfront – you will find action games, classic point and clicks, sport games, quizzes and many many more. As a contrast to these games you can find more serious games to play on the phone.

One of a good phone games

You will definitely be able to download a stock market game, a trading game or a bunch of other business games and among those you will spot the icing on the cake – the previously mentioned big data game category. Their uniqueness is based on the replayability and the fact, that they’re strongly rooted in augmented reality. No other trading game will teach you how to invest money, and in the case of Landlord – the real estate game – you are buying, selling and managing existing real estates that are the ground for the growth of your empire. So it may seem you’re only playing a economy game, but the stakes are high, because you are dealing with places that are very well known to you – your favorite shop or barber, a nice apartment building but also the Eiffel Tower or Times Square. You are not only playing a business game – you are learning what it means to be dealing with money and real estate.

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