"Monopoly game
for a real world!"

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What is a business sim?

A business simulation games (or business sims for short) are games that simulate economy and various business-related environments in order to create believable scenarios in which player will need to carry out different management tasks. Early examples of business tycoons can be found among board games, but the first game to represent business management simulation genre was Intopia, created in 1963 at the University of Chicago. Since then, Intopia has been used to teach students different business strategies in over 55 countries around the globe!

Why it’s worth to play business tycoon games?

As you can assume from the previous paragraph, economic simulation games can be effectively used in order to teach people about the world of business. Here they can try out different approaches and see their results without fearing for their hard earned money. Business management simulation games are easy and risk-free educational tools, that can be used to not only showcase various strategies, but also measure predispositions and progress of each individual player. Players can either start with zero experience and learn along the way or come with certain knowledge and test it out as they progress. And as we all know, analysis of our skill is great, but that’s not why we play games. We play for fun. Business games can be a lot of fun, as they typically don’t require reflex, but intellect. The best business simulation games challenge our management skills, forcing us to think twice before acting. They also allow us to test different approaches, both aggressive and cautious ones to see both their advantages and disadvantages.

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Who would enjoy business management games?

Playing business games is for everyone who seeks knowledge and joy at the same time. Although younger players can struggle with bigger, more complex international business game, there’s no shortage of simpler games, suitable for everyone. Most of the best business games and business game apps also allow changing the difficulty level or turn on and off certain elements of the gameplay to make games more accessible or – if the player wishes so – more challenging.


Business management games both online and offline are a great way to test our skills as an entrepreneur and see how would we perform in the business world. Joining fun and education together makes learning process so smooth, that it’s almost invisible, yet very effective at the same time.


And hey, maybe one day you’ll use the knowledge from run a business game to run a real business!