"Monopoly game
for a real world!"

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GPS mobile games

Media often portrays gamers as lazy, basement-dwelling nerds with no social life and aversion toward sports or any outdoors activities. This image is not only prejudicial but also completely untrue. Although in the past computers were so big that there was no way to play outside the house, with the increasing popularity of mobile games, more and more people are joining the ranks of gamers. Nowadays all types of people enjoy games – both those who prefer to spend their time at home and those who crave for some outdoor adventure.

Geolocation games – for whom?

For all of those who like to play games while being active, a special type of games was created – location based games. Utilizing the power of geolocalization, GPS mobile games encourage you to go outside and start exploring the world around you. And what’s the most important – you can try them out now, without paying a single penny! Geo game apps are available in all of the most popular application stores like iTunes or Google Play.

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GPS games – what is it?

With the invention of GPS (short for Global Positioning System) people started to gather a new type of data – geo localization. Building GPS into smartphones allowed development of interactive map games – games were your current position determines what happens inside the game. Whatever the core gameplay is – be it fighting monsters, hunting treasures or looking around for new properties – you can be sure it is based environment around you. World games such as geocaching often include searching for physical objects – mostly small containers with messages from other players inside. And as GPS geolocation is currently one of the most basic feature of modern smartphones, both location based games for Android and location based games for iOS are becoming more and more popular.

Location based games – how does it works?

Contrary to the popular opinion location based GPS games are not using IP geolocation (mostly because IP geolocation is pretty unreliable). All of the most important data in location games are collected using GPS geolocation. Geo games utilize geolocation in order to create an in-game world based on what is around the player, often using augmented reality elements. Other types of data like information about weather or nearby properties are taken from external databases, so most of such apps are online GPS games. Some games use different types of technology, like near field communication (NFC), Bluetooth, and ultra-wideband (UWB). But you don’t need any expensive equipment to enjoy the fun. Your smartphone is more than enough!