"Monopoly game
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Economic simulation games

Successful creation of first virtual economy simulations had a great impact on how companies plan and prioritize their strategies. By being able to quickly and precisely lay-out many possible scenarios, entrepreneurs were able to make better choices and predict long-term effects of their decisions. But economic simulation was used in many different areas of day-to-day life, not just business. One of those areas was entertainment. Similar mechanisms that simulate the behavior of a real-life market could serve as a base for game’s economy. That’s how virtual economy games were created.

Best of economy games

Although the first thing that comes to our mind when we hear term “interactive economics games” is game about owning your own company, it can be so much more than that! Obvious examples of economy games are the ones where you’re the leader of a country or a city, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Many games focus on managing more diverse systems and companies, like zoos, hotels, hospitals, airlines, restaurants or even game studios or moon bases! The possibilities are endless, limited only by the creativity of the developers.

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Economy games online

Another branch of this type of entertainment is economy simulator online. This type of games focuses more on creating an environment in which economy will be propelled by players, instead of being simulated by the artificial intelligence. All the players are taking part in exchanging virtual goods, making the simulation more truthful to the real economy than a game. Although those economies are entered for fun and not in order to gain real wealth, which makes the participants more ready to uptake risk, the simulation is rather accurate, as in both real and virtual economy the ultimate goal is to gain a considerable amount of wealth. Economic simulation games online can be found on both Android and iOS, as well as in web browsers.

Economic strategy games

But no matter what drives the economy of the game, what the trading goods are, and in what environment it takes place, one of the most important aspects of such games is always strategy. You cannot just go in blind and expect to achieve the same results as players who carefully craft their strategies. Although there’s no one winning formula, it’s always good to plan with long-term goals in mind. Even if the quick boost of cash may seem like a tempting prospect, it won’t do you much good if the results will ruin your empire in a long run. Are you interested in economic simulation games for Android and iOS? Join Landlord and see how far you’ll go in the world of real estate business!