"Monopoly game
for a real world!"

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Where Monopoly came from

The idea of the business game based on trading properties is not a new one. Although Landlord Real Estate Tycoon is one of the first mobile property games ever, we’re all familiar with the similar concept in board games. Everyone knows Monopoly, but not many know where Monopoly came from. Before Monopoly as we know came into existence, there were four different Monopolies and at least eleven different games based on the same rules. The first one was The Landlord’s game invented and patented by Elizabeth J. Magie in 1903. It was intended as an educational game, demonstrating consequences and outcomes of land grabbing. What’s interesting is a fact that The Landlords Game has some similarities Zohn Ahl – a board game played by the tribe of Kiowa Indians. How did it become the business game Monopoly we know today? Well, it was the second set of rules created by Magie. Using the same board, a player could play different games: Landlords and Monopoly. Landlord was designed to represent anti-monopolistic approach, while Monopoly – obviously – monopolistic one.

Electronic Monopoly

The concept of venues trading game has achieved a major success. But a board game will always limited, not allowing to fully realize the potential of the idea of buying real life properties. Even if the board itself would be digital, changing every time a player changes their location, there are only twenty-eight spaces in which properties could be displayed. In bigger cities that would be far too few to display even the closest venues. What’s more, there’s a Monopoly version for each country, showing the most popular landmarks of each region. But for a mobile application, it would be ineffective to create so many different versions of just one game.

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Monopoly online version

That’s why Landlord Real Estate Tycoon approached the concept of a board game differently. Instead of using a literal board, it turns the whole world into a gigantic game where the map is your board. It’s a new different Monopoly like an online game, with a different set of features and possibilities.


Although the core gameplay – trading properties – may be similar, Landlord represents a world of completely new prospects. Thanks to the usage of Big Data gathered from all over the world, a single application is able to provide for people from all over the world with content that is relevant for them, no matter where they are.


And just as Elizabeth J. Magie intended over a hundred years ago, the game still teaches its players how to invest in real estates, no matter if they intend to monopolize the market or just to pick up the most profitable venues.